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Seer Journey


Pilot program to in collaboration with IESA launched - for B Tech students in engineering colleges – revolution in pedagogy for undergraduates


Historic collaboration with IESA - IESA made Seer curriculum as reference Led foundation for series of academic reforms in India


Collaboration with NPTEL - IITM to provide content on cutting edge technology areas - computer engineering.


World’s first digital University - Global University of Engineering conceptualized for global domination.


India's largest VLSI lab opens with state of the art tools made available to PG students First time in India - PG students get access to 24x7 lab to hone their skills


First post graduate program in VLSI & Embedded Systems launched with industry collaboration India's first program compatible with Washington Accord. Pedagogy for engineering Education revolutionized


First Pilot certification program across the globe to connect Silicon valley to Rural India (Nandyala, AP)