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Advanced Digital Logic Design & Synthesis

This certification helps you develop the skill sets that the industry demands. You will develop skills in system design, RTL design using Verilog, writing test benches in Verilog and development of basic / complex building blocks. You will be able to generate synthesised Netlist consisting of equivalent cells with their interconnection. It will conclude with an industry oriented project work.

Why should you do it?

  • Enhance your employability by developing skills that industry demands
  • Will have access to world class VLSI lab having industry standard tools (e.g. Synopsys)
  • Invest 2/3rd of your time on skill development through lab exercises & projects

Course Objectives

  • Learncircuit concepts to program the logic Veriloglanguage
  • Design a basic building block using Verilog HDL
  • Understandimportanceoflibrariesinsynthesisflow
  • Design logic to meet specifications

Learning Outcomes

  • Design combinational & sequential circuits using Verilog
  • Integrate combinational & sequential circuits to design a micro architecture
  • Set environment, libraries, synthesis constraints for synthesis
  • GenerateNetlistandanalyse synthesisreports for trade offs
  • Create test benches, run simulations and analyze/debug results to meet specifications

Tools Used

CVER, GTKWave, Synopsys VCS, Microwind, Synopsys Design Compiler


Digital Design Fundamentals, CMOS Fundamentals.

High Level Course Content

  • CMOS fundamentals& architecture concepts
  • Digital logic gates, stick diagrams, layout diagrams
  • Design & verification using Verilog language
  • Simulation & debugging using EDA tools
  • Basic Micro-architectural blocks (Mux/Demux, decoders, FSMs, Counters, MACs, Memories)
  • Building architectural building blocks using Verilog HDL
  • Synthesis flow, setting the environment & logical libraries, setting synthesis constraints, perform synthesis using EDA tools, analysing the synthesis reports
  • Principles of RTL Design

Target Audience:

BE / B.Tech / ME / M.Tech (Electronics and related branches), working professionals, academic Faculty


Classes can be conducted physically / virtually. Depending on the students count, the classes will be conducted at Seer Office, Hyderabad or at other location physically. Online meeting software will be used for virtual classes.

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